Embracing the New Year

Embracing the New Year - EVEYSPRELOVED
As we welcome in the New Year, let us  embark on a journey of rediscovery, with a focus on the beauty and sustainability of preloved items. Exploring the charm of preloved treasures allows us the opportunity to embrace a more conscious and eco friendly lifestyle, as buying preloved items helps to promote sustainability by extending the lifecycle of products, in turn reducing the demand for new manufacturing. 
This in turn helps to minimize environmental impact, including resource depletion and waste generation. Additionally, purchasing preloved items often comes with a lower cost ( unless a highly desired bag which may well be higher priced, but  can often result in a great investment choice with a good yield of return over a period of time), making quality goods more accessible to us. Lastly, it contributes to a circular economy, encouraging a shift away from the disposable culture and towards a mindset of reuse.
With the above in mind, let us take a look at some of the handbag trends upcoming in 2024, as you may be unaware that your unused bags could be returning as a trend this year! Handbag trends showcase a blend of classic styles with modern twists. We should expect to see a resurgence of structured silhouettes and vintage inspired designs. Neutral tones and earthy colours continue to be desirable, whilst interesting and unique textures can add a touch of luxury. Crossbody bags with practical compartments and convertible styles are also becoming increasingly popular, especially when they can adapt to different occasions, in which case  clutch bags are very useful. Keep an eye out for innovative materials and eco friendly options, as the fashion industry continues to prioritise sustainability, whilst holding our essentials close to us.
Wishing you a wonderful month.
With love
Evey xxx
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